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Special powers, senses
Subject English Grade: 7A

The theme: Special powers
The objectives: To read about special powers and senses
To learn about the Past Continuous
Expected result:  to develop friendship atmosphere in groups;
 to develop speaking and thinking abilities;
 to give a self-assessment to each other;
 to enlarge vocabulary

Stages Teacher`s activity Students` activities Resources
Organiza-tion moment
( 3min ) Greeting
Dividing into 3 groups
Blue sweets, pink sweets, green sweets

The rules of a group Greeting

Students make the rules of the group Sheets of paper
To awake interest
( 2 min ) Warm up/ Key words: Senses
Look at the key words. Then say sentences about these things.
• cheese
• music
• perfume
• the sun
• sea water

S-1, S-2..........

Example: You can see, smell and touch cheese but you cannot hear it!

A slide
Extra 1
"We hear things with our ears"
Make similar sentences about the other senses

S-1, S-2..........

A slide
Extra 2
Blindfold your eyes
1st group- Touch these things

2nd group- Smell these things

3rd group- Taste these things

Spaghetti, marmalade

Tea, shampoo, chocolate

Grapefruit, bread, cheese

Base value
Мағына-ны ашу
( 30 min)

Ex 2. Other senses?
Do you think people or animals have other senses? Are these things possible?
• to communicate by thought (telepathy)
• to find a place with no maps or directions
• to see the future Students share their opinions and give examples A slide

Reading /The interviews: "Amazing animals"
Read the two interviews. Which things in exercise 2 are they about?
S-1, S-2
1. to find a place with no map or directions
2. to see the future A text
The interviews: "Amazing animals"
CD 2 track 4
Answer the questions
1. Why did Paddy run away?
2. How far did Paddy travel?
3. Where was Pam`s aunt on holiday?
4. How did the elephant save Pam`s aunt? S-1, S-2..........
1. He ran after a rabbit
2. 350 kilometers
3. Thailand
4. It carried her up the hill
Discussing the interview in a class
Students tell what they have understood from the interview
Grammar: Past Continuous
Ex 5. Complete the sentences from the text with was/ was not/ were/ were not S-1, S-2..........

Fill in the text with Past Simple and Past Continuous S-1, S-2..........

Watching a video
"7 Wonders of the world"

An interactive board
Do you agree?
"7 Wonders of the world"
1) to see 2) to hear
3) to touch 4) to taste
5) to feel 6) to laugh
7) to love S-1, S-2..........

( 3 min ) Senses. Talking about disabled people who have absence of senses S-1, S-2..........

Assessment Assessment according to colours of traffic lights
Home task Exercises from Work book
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